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Working together to achieve more

We’re an ambitious organisation. But we know we can’t do it all alone. Better things come from people working together.


Values Approach

We offer a values-based approach focused on respect, honesty and mutual support. We work with our partners to plan sustainability, progression, and succession to help grow their role in our delivery network. We invite partners onto our Delivery Boards and facilitate collaborative approaches to address challenges and continuously improve.


Global Lead Partner

We have financial stability as a well-capitalised global Lead Partner enabling us to reduce the barriers to entry for organisations that cannot acceptthe full risk burden of payments by results contracts.


Ethical Practices

We operate ethical procurement practices, with open and transparent partner selection and management processes.


Co-working Opportunities

We offer co-working opportunities at different levels of scale, autonomy and risk to accommodate community and micro-businesses.


Established Solutions

We have established solutions across our international portfolio that can be leveraged and adapted to local needs, and we offer investment in innovation to support this.


Proven Systems

We have proven systems for efficiency, transparency and personalisation of services.


Capacity Building Programs

We have capacity building programs for ambitious smaller/community organisations to help them build sustainable business models through management support, training programs and business coaching.


Service Integration

We are committed to alignment and integration with existing and emerging services to achieve better individual and community outcomes, driving better value from funding and avoid duplication.

Collaboration is key

Working together to achieve more

We are passionate in our drive to work collaboratively with public, private and voluntary organisations to
co-design local solutions, combine funding streams and align services around the needs of the people of Scotland.

Why partner with us? 

Every organisation that partners with us gets an opportunity to grow and support more people. Our partners can benefit from:

  • Co-working facilities, training and business coaching.
  • A chance to co-design and continually develop       best-in-practice employability programmes.
  • Opportunities and investment to build capacity.
  • Ethical procurement practices.
  • Honest, respectful, and transparent working arrangements.
  • Effective assessment and monitoring procedures to help mitigate risks.
  • Access to a range of new funding opportunities.

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